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"Google AdSense ads"
Published on 26-12-2023

Dear members,


I hope you are enjoying your experience on our PTC site. I wanted to share with you some important information about how the site is monetized and how this helps us maintain payments and other activities.


Currently, our PTC site is monetized through Google AdSense ads. This program has provided us with a strong income that has greatly helped us make payments and carry out other important operations. Importantly, at this time, the site is not yet generating revenue through investment members or third-party advertisers.


The income we receive through Google AdSense is used exclusively to make payments to our members. This means that every click members make on Google AdSense ads directly contributes to increasing our revenue and allows us to continue meeting our payment commitments.


Therefore, we kindly ask you to spare a few minutes a day to click on Google AdSense ads on the PTC site. This will help us increase our income and ensure that we can continue to make payments and carry out other important activities for the benefit of all members.


We greatly appreciate your support and understanding in this matter. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Thanks for being part of our community!


Kind regards,

Admin Stratton Clix

Information about pending payments and progress on payments made
Published on 24-12-2023

Hello to all members of the site!


I hope you are having a great day. I wanted to take a moment to update you on the status of pending payments on our site. We currently have over 13 outstanding payments and unfortunately I was not able to make all payments on this occasion.


Let me explain the reason behind this situation. Some of the outstanding payments were refunded due to members not complying with our policies. Our policy states that to receive a payment you need to make a $1 deposit or be an upgraded member. Unfortunately, some members did not meet these requirements, resulting in their payments being refunded.


I want to assure you that I am committed to making all outstanding payments in a fair and timely manner. However, due to the high number of pending payments, I will need a little more time to process them properly. I appreciate your patience and understanding while I work on it.


Additionally, I am pleased to inform you that despite the outstanding payments, I have made some payments. Although I was not able to complete all the payments, I managed to make a total of 7 payments so far.


I kindly ask you not to request any further payments until I have completed all outstanding payments. This will help us maintain an orderly and equitable payment flow for all members.


I appreciate your continued support and understanding in this situation. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am here to help you with whatever you need.


Thank you for being part of our community and for your understanding!


Kind regards,

Admin Stratton Clix

Published on 01-12-2023

Hello dear members, sorry for my absence on the site, I had some personal problems to resolve in order to be active again.


Stay tuned to the forum because there I will give information about the payments that are pending


Kind regards

Admin Stratton Clix

Important information about payment
Published on 08-06-2023

Hello dear members of Stratton Clix, in advance I apologize to all of you for my absence with the site but as everyone knows the site is not generating money to maintain itself, for that reason I had to make the decision to look for other atertanibas to be able to continue with this project.

I have been doing some work outside to be able to make the payments since what the sponsor ads generate is not enough to make all the payments. If you have a pending payment, please be patient that all the payments will be made when you accumulate all the money.

Understand that I am doing everything possible to continue with this project and to fulfill it, thanks to all those who continue with Stratton Clix despite this situation.

Kind regards
admin Stratton Clix

Hello dear members of Strattonclix
Published on 06-05-2023

Hello dear members of Strattonclix, the site suffered a disconnection

from our hosting provider during an update, so I apologize for the

damage caused but everything is now resolved,thanks for your understanding.

By 05/9/2023 all payments that have already made your deposit will be made

Kind regards

admin Stratton Clix

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