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Started by admin 2023-01-16 at 03:36
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To begin with, you need to behave with respect to all visitors. From the forum there is no need to insult the participants, it is unnecessary. If there is a claim - contact an administrator or moderator (use of personal messages). Insulting other visitors is considered one of the most serious violations and will be severely punished by the administration. It is strictly prohibited, racism, religious and political speech. Thank you very much in advance for your understanding and desire to make our site more friendly and polite.

The forum is strictly prohibited:
- Messages that are not related to the content of the articles or in the context of the discussion.
- Insults and threats to site visitors.
- Phrase prohibited in comments that contain offensive, degrading language, incitement to ethnic conflicts.
- Spam, as well as advertising for goods and services, resources, media, or events outside the context of the article discussion.

If you respect each other and the place where you and other readers come to speak and express your thoughts. Stratton Clix reserves the right to control observations or comments or if they do not meet the requirements of the rules.

If any of you are blocked you will receive an alert. In some cases it may be the ban without notice. To remove the lock, write to the administrator.

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